Mercola just released this article today: Statins Increase Diabetes Risk by 38% While the title mentions Diabetes and the article talks about that initially, the bulk of the article talks about cholesterol levels instead.

It should be noted that God created various plants, herbs, spices and fruits that address and regulate good cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, pancreatic and spleen support, liver support, cardiovascular support, and more! I've written about some of these and discuss some of them in The Spike Relief Workshop as well. That workshop is available on demand for just $20 and one participant has said that ticket price is too cheap! Ask for the current link.

It is safer to adjust your daily nutrition to actively support your body, than to use man-made drugs and deal with potentially life-altering side effects! The difference between the drugs and the life style/nutrition change, is that the latter requires you to commit to your personal health while the former is a problematic "get out of jail" card that isn't even free!

I can be your Biblical Natural Health Coach to provide accountability, recommend a course of action, and guide you through implementing it. Send me a message to arrange for your free introductory session and to discuss fees. You can put your money into Big Pharma, or into the hands of a Kingdom worker in the Body of Christ. The latter will have far fewer, if any, side effects to hamper daily life.