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Which Regulatory Factors Are Responsible For The Growth Of Marine Auxiliary Engines Market? | #marine Auxiliary Engines

The amazing pumpkin apparently has more ways to be processed than just pureeing and canning! I just did some reading, and you can also dehydrate it and later crush it into "flour":

"Dried pumpkin is an ideal option for the daring baker. If you hope to bake your own pumpkin bagels or mix up a pumpkin latte, this can be ground into an easy-to-control “flour”. Mixed it into bread dough, frothed milk, cake batter, and cream sauces with minimal effect on the recipe’s chemistry of the recipe.

I also like to throw a handful or two of dried pumpkin into beef stew or vegetable pot pie for a flavorful, thickening effect. "

I should do a nutritional/medicinal write-up on pumpkin. . .

The Best Advice on How to Preserve a Pumpkin for Year-Round Flavor - Garden and Happy

The Best Advice on How to Preserve a Pumpkin for Year-Round Flavor - Garden and Happy

If you've ever wanted to know how to preserve a pumpkin, we've got you covered! You can freeze it, dehydrate it, can it, and more.

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From my creative side in the amateur photo space. I often turn photos into kaleidoscopes, but sometimes I just leave a photo as is or crop it for use as surface art. I'll be adding these little ones to Zazzle and redbubble, maybe cafepress too, hopefully this evening or by the weekend.

Blue Fuzz Butts, aka, wooly aphids, ready to land on your various fabric projects and delight your household! Some call them wish flies, or faery flies, or snow flies because some of them are all-white and some such a pale blue you can't see the blue at first glance. Very cute little things, and harmless as well. Looks great on tableware, bedding, drapery, and would be awesome on fleece pajamas!


I create surface art and sell it on Zazzle, RedBubble, Cafepress, and Spoonflower. I will share here from time to time what my latest creations are, what may be on sale, promo codes, etc.