We'll pay you $1.00* for each new User you refer who reside in the United States when they Signup and Create a free Profile. All YOU need to do is simply give out your affiliate link, which has already been created for your in your Account Settings pages! So, if you refer 100 friends and family members who sign up and create a FREE Profile with their photo and bio, you will earn $100! Have an Instagram, Facebook or YouTube account with thousands of followers? Imagine how much money you could make!


- Each new User must CREATE A FREE PROFILE, UPLOAD AT LEAST 1 PHOTO & INCLUDE A SHORT BIO (interests or hobbies, where they're from, etc.) in order to be considered qualified referrals. No JOHN DOE OR JANE DOE PROFILES. Users can always manage their PRIVACY SETTINGS to control who can see their profile and details here:

- If you don't already have one, you'll need to create your free account and profile on in order to receive your unique Affiliate Link

- Each new User must click on your assigned affiliate link to be qualified.

- Each new User must come from a Unique I.P. address. (no exceptions). In other words you can't have 5 people all use the same computer or phone to set up an account and a person can not set up multiple accounts with fictitious names and email addresses to set up accounts and expect us to pay them $1 for each one.

- Each new User must reside in the United States to be considered a qualified referral. We love everybody, but this site is obviously about the U.S. so it is not a good match for us to pay for new Users who live elsewhere. Unless they're currently serving in the United States Armed Forces outside the U.S.

- Do NOT Spam or Post your affiliate link in any place where it is prohibited!

- Payment threshold $10. Meaning you have to reach $10 in referral fees to get paid.

- Payments will be made to you through PayPal, Google Pay, or Venmo or directly to your bank account, after you Submit Payment Request. and America First Patriot, LLC reserve the right to cancel the Refer and Earn program at any time and without notice.

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