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Bull Thistle. It goes by other names too, and generally 10 times the size of this little specimen. We brought home several that are approaching the 4ft wide 3ft tall range! I didn't know we'd be harvesting Bull Thistle this year, but it is growing in Bella's paddock, so. . . more liver/kidney support and anti-depressants. If I can figure out how to cut off the spines without poking myself, others say it's good in salads too. Several sources say all thistles pretty much have the same properties, which is great, because whenever you hear of liver issues in the natural health space, the first plant to get mentioned is usually milk thistle. Milk thistle doesn't grow in our area that we know of. But this tiny specimen, acting like a big 2nd year plant in it's tiny package, deserved a photo shoot! The manure fork's head gives you comparison for size.


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