Today, Democrats and far-left liberals are doing everything they can to destroy this great nation that many brave men and women have fought and died for. And the time is now for us, We The People to stand up and fight for our constitutional rights and for our freedoms and liberties. It is more important than ever that we vote out these corrupt, sick and twisted politicians. Their political ideologies will have dire consequences on our generation and for generations to come if we don’t act now. We must Refuse to Lose in 2022.

Republicans and Independents alike must Refuse to Lose in the 2022 elections and take back control of the House and the Senate to stop the treason, the corruption, and the willful intent to destroy our country. From failing to secure our southern border, to defunding the police, teaching CRT in schools, and other political ideologies, the Democrats will continue to destroy our nation if we don’t take back the House and Senate in November. We must REFUSE TO LOSE and we MUST WIN the majority back. When does this madness stop? It stops in 2022 when Americans vote out the very people who are in office. Not just politicians in D.C., but around the country in liberal cities and states. If we don't take back the House and Senate in 2022 and stop the Biden administration’s woke and liberal agenda, then we will in fact lose our country as we've known it.

America First Patriot will be leading the way throughout 2022, with our “Refuse To Lose 2022” campaign. How? With aggressive and effective email campaigns to Republicans and Independent voters alike, social media messaging, media ad buys, rallies. It all starts here on our America-First platform, but WE NEED YOUR HELP! America First Patriot, LLC is a grassroots organization supported by our Users. Your gift will allow us to get our message out to millions of Americans, educate them about the candidates, and inspire them to vote. With consistent messaging and a conservative free speech, educational platform, we will bring Republicans and Independents together. We will succeed in taking our country back by electing the right people to make America Great Again. Voters need to get out and vote for true and faithful Republicans and Independents with Conservative values, not RINOS! By educating Americans with facts and the current events taking place in our country and with the right messaging we can expect to see the mother of all Red Waves. But we need your financial support to do so! Whether it’s $1, $5 or $500 anything would be greatly appreciated. All financial supporters will have their name on our WALL. That’s right, we’re building a Patriot Wall and everyone who gives to our REFUSE TO LOSE 2022 movement will be mentioned on our wall (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

Your donation will help drive that message and help support our movement as well as our online platform, bringing millions of people together to become united and inspired to fight for what is truly the greatest nation under God. In victory, we shall raise His name high. Thank you in advance for your support. God bless you. God bless America. And God bless all of God’s children worldwide.

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