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On the subject of gendering! You should also consider the topic of gender in scientific writing. Whatever you decide to use (indented I, the use of both genders, the underscore, or the use of a single form), you should explain this in a footnote at the beginning of your paper the first time a gender-indicating term is mentioned.

When referring to persons in the text, both feminine and masculine forms should be used adequately or the use of feminine and masculine forms should be indicated at the beginning of the paper - e.g. with the note: "When referring to persons in the following text, the masculine form is used for the sake of simplicity and better readability. However, both male and female persons are meant."

The correction phase
In scientific papers, especially in a bachelor's or master's thesis, not only the technical but also the linguistic requirements are high. Errors should not occur in these texts, which is why the correction phase p